2015  New logo and implementation of the corporate identity of the family brand Bucher Industries

2013  Acquisition Eco Sistemas Industrias de Màquinas Ltda., Brazil

2012  Acquisition Oelhydraulik Altenerding Dechamps & Kretz GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

2008  Acquisition Command Controls Corp., USA

2007  Acquisition Monarch Hydraulics Inc., USA

2006  Bucher Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd. established in India.

2001  All businesses within the group adopt the uniform name of Bucher Hydraulics.

2000  Integration of the pump-manufacturing activities of Truninger AG. 
The joint venture in China becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bucher Hydraulics.

1998  Bucher Hydraulics is established in Turkey as a subsidiary sales company.
The first system using a CAN Bus solution is developed for a sprayer.

1997  Integration of Hydrotechnik Frutigen, Switzerland.
Integration of Dingkind, Taiwan.
Bucher Hydraulics is established in the USA as a subsidiary sales company.

1996  Beringer Hydraulik of Neuheim, Switzerland is integrated into the business.
Formation of Bucher Hydraulik as a corporate division, with Bucher Klettgau as the division's controlling business unit.

1995  Barmag Hydraulics and Beringer Hydraulik merge.

1994  Integration of Hidroirma, Reggio Emilia, Italy.

1993  Joint Venture in China (SBH).

1992  Bucher Hydrauliek established in the Netherlands as a subsidiary sales company.

1989  Bucher Hydraulics Ltd. is established in England as a subsidiary sales company.

1984  Bucher GmbH becomes a subsidiary company of the newly formed Bucher Holding AG.

1980  Creation of the sales subsidiary BEMA Hydraulik as a limited company in Neumarkt-on-Wallersee, Austria.

1974  Bema-France is founded in Rixheim, France to manufacture and sell hydraulic systems.

1952  Business is restructured as a limited partnership.

1952  First production of pumps for oil-hydraulic systems in tractors.

1923  The Johann Bucher Guyer Griessen engineering company is founded in today's Klettgau.