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Pluto MK-II the car frames

The 1:1 and 2:1 side-ram car frame kits are used in hydraulically powered passenger and freight elevators with load capacities up to a maximum of 1600 kg and a minimal shaft head of only 2550 mm and shaft pit of only 500 mm.

The equipment consists of car frame, base unit set for the shaft pit, car buffers, guide rails, rail brackets, cylinder pillar and cylinder mountings,
and - for 2:1 systems - guide pulley and ropes.



  • No roof superstructure needed (BR2: 2550 mm shaft head): Saves money in building structure
  • Only 500 mm shaft pit
  • Just one supporting shaft wall necessary, 3 entrances possible
  • Simple layout and clear design
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Good accessibility to important components


  • 1:1 system: BR1-15, BR1-25, BR1-35
  • 2:1 system: (BR2-11), BR2-15, BR2-25, BR2-35
    The size - e.g. 15 - describes the related load divided by 100
  • Various options available - please contact us


Technical data





Total load*

Distance between guide rails



Travel height





up to 3500  

500, (550), 650,

800, 1100, 1500

up to 2000

up to 25

*Total weight = related load + car weight + frame weight