Bucher Hydraulics offers a wide range of hydraulic lift components.

Electronically controlled lift valves

Bucher Hydraulics lift control valves provide unsurpassed ride comfort, irrespective of load and temperature. All lift control valves are factory preset to the installation-specific parameters. This reduces the on-site installation time to the minimum. 

Power units

Comfort Line:

The standard power unit with the electronically controlled lift valve offers unlimited application possibilities and numerous options.

Eco Line:

The high-performance, economical, and low-noise drive solution with the VF-... electronically controlled lift valve reduces energy consumption by up to 80% in comparison with mechanicallycontrolled hydraulic lift installations. 


The reliable standard power unit of our Comfort Line combined with an elevator control gives the intelligent package iPack.



The route to perfect modernisation of a hydraulic lift drive,without time-consuming and costly replacement of the lift controller. 


Versatile, robust and reliable. 




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