Electronically Controlled Lift Valve

All Lift Control Valves by Bucher Hydraulics dispose of an integrated Hall sensor - or feedback sensor - to measure and regulate their flow-rates electronically. This technology has been under constant development for 25 years and offers a very high travel comfort, even under extreme conditions. 


The new intelligent valve that adjusts itself and is learning continuously.


The original electronically controlled lift valve for passenger and freight elevators with integrated flow-rate measuring system (Hall sensor).


Based on the original LRV-1, combined with a frequency convertor acting directly on the motor/pump unit, this drive offers even higher travel comfort, optimum heat dissipation and reduced noise emission.

Your advantages

For almost three decades, the following advantages have been appreciated by our customers worldwide:

  • Unequalled travel comfort independent of load and temperature
  • Highest performance at low energy cost
  • Low maintenance requirements, long life-cycles
  • Simple installation procedures
  • Low installation, maintenance and running costs
  • CANopen-Lift interface



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