Professional training in Bucher Hydraulics

As part of an engineering/technology training, we offer pre-college practical training, periods of practical training during college studies and practical training semesters.

Final year students have the opportunity to write their dissertations on practical projects in the fields of hydraulics or design/manufacturing issues in mechanical engineering.

We offer varied and interesting positions with a strong leaning towards practical matters, a high level of independence and scope for initiative with a corresponding degree of accountability, attractive terms and conditions of employment, and good prospects.

Please contact our Human Resources Manager:

Bucher Hydraulics AG Frutigen

Schwandistrasse 25
CH-3714 Frutigen
Tel. +41 33 67 26 11 1


Bucher Hydraulics GmbH

Industriestrasse 1
DE-79771 Klettgau
Tel. +49 7742 8520


Bucher Hydraulics Erding GmbH

Albert-Einstein-Strasse 12
DE-85435 Erding
Tel. +49 8122 97130


Bucher Hydraulics AG

Industriestrasse 15
CH-6345 Neuheim
Tel. +41 41 757 03 13


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