Comfort Line

Maximum ride comfort independent of load and temperature.


The hydraulic power unit with the electronic iValve guarantees maximum ride comfort, independent of load and temperature. The many options available allow it to be used in a wide range of locations, from new buildings to modernisation.

The Comfort Line can be supplied for hydraulic elevators for any required total loads and travel heights up to 25 m.

  • Straightforward, compact design and construction
  • Optimised tank sizes, tailored to the floor area
  • Constant travel times, even with changes in load and temperature
  • Low energy costs
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Short total travel time due to the short slow speed travel
  • In only a few cases does the oil need to be cooled
  • Down speeds can be increased by up to 50 % at no extra cost and without loss of comfort
Benefits for you:
  • Short commissioning time thanks to the "iTeach algorithm"
  • Outstanding travel characteristics in the widest possible range of conditions
  • Short set-up time
  • Freedom of planning for architects, thanks to flexible positioning of drive system

Comfort Line – MULTIvalve

The smart multi-valve solution

  • Several iValves can be controlled via the master-slave concept
  • Electrical supply rating can be reduced without frequency inverter
  • Easy wiring
  • On demand, the lift can be operated with just one drive, at reduced speed

Comfort Line – VF-light and VF-lightplus

Frequency-controlled drive in UP direction

  • Constant UP speed, regardless of the car load
  • Electrical supply rating is baed on the maximum speed and load
  • "No contactors" design can be implemented
  • Constant electrical power demand, regardless of the car load
  • Variable UP speed, dependent on the car load
  • Electrical supply rating is based on the nominal speed at 10 % payload
  • "No contacors" design can be implemented

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