Eco Line

Silent, fast and safe – the energy-efficient solution


For new installations and for modernization, Eco Line guarantees maximum travel performance. The VF-iValve electronic elevator valve solves problems of overheating, inadequate connected power size, or high noise levels.

Eco Line is the energy saving, variable frequency hydraulic drive system for elevators that are used up to 200 travels per hour – without oil cooling, and with the ultimate in ride comfort. Eco Line can be used for payloads up to around 6600 lbs and travel heights up to 65 ft.

Variable-frequency technology:

Your investment in VF technology easily pays for itself.
Thousands of Bucher Hydraulics VF drive systems have been in successful operation since 1998.

We will be pleased to calculate the possible energy- and cost-savings for an actual project!

  • High traffic volume and travel per hour
  • Minimal noise emissions
  • Energy savings of up to 80 %
  • No oil cooler is needed
  • Savings in machine-room ventilation or air conditioning
  • Stopping accuracy ± 3 mm in UP and DOWN directions
  • No start lag, fast and smooth start
  • Start current limited without soft starter

Eco Lineplus

Continuous current, load-dependent speed reduction


In this example with Eco Lineplus the mains power rating can be reduced by 40 % compared with our standard Eco Line. With a car loading of 2204 lbs, the lift now rides with a reduced speed of 0.6 m/s instead of 1 m/s.

Additional advantages:

Up to 40 % lower mains power rating

With Eco Lineplus we offer the possibility to define a load-dependent travel speed: With heavy car loading the UP ride is reduced. Therefore the maximum mains power rating does not have to meet the demands of maximum car loading at maximum speed. The maximum mains power rating can be significantly reduced - this can amount up to 40 %! Travel DOWN remains constant at the nominal speed.

Up to 20 % cost savings

Not only the mains power rating is reduced considerably, the frequency inverter as well as other components can be configured smaller, too. Thus, the cost can be reduced up to another 20 %.


Eco Line with SuperCap

The energy-storing solution for the future

Additonal advantages:

The potential energy of the downward travel is stored temporarily, thereby increasing the energy efficiency and reducing the required rating of the electrical supply.


Eco Line – Orion ALPHA

Instead of a counterweight, hydraulic pressure accumulators are installed. During every UP travel, these release their stored pressure once again, thus relieving the load on the electrical drive

      • Highest efficiency
      • Further reduced connected power
      • Minimal energy consumption
      • Low installation cost for the counterweight (pressure accumulator)
      • Only downward acting safety gear required

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