Modernization with Eco Line

"Old becomes new":
A new travel experience in just a short time!

Using the MULTIbox iValve conversion package, hydraulic lifts can be custom-modernized without having to replace the lift controller.

With frequency inverter
and VF-i250


  • Using the MULTIbox conversion package, the existing lift controller can be kept
  • Short and consistent travel times and up to 60 % less energy consumption
  • Through deeper oil temperature lower wear of hydraulic parts and oil

Which products are replaced?

  • Beringer / Bucher Hydraulics power units
  • Other major brand power units from GMV, Kone, FIAM, Blain/Leistritz, Giehl, Uraca, Hydral and OMAR
  • For other power unit series, please consult Bucher Hydraulics

Scope of delivery

  • Complete power unit incl. lift control valve VF-iValve
  • Configured Frequency Inverter
  • Configured MULTIbox (optional with A3 monitoring and sensors)

Time required

  • 2 working days



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