Leak-free Proportional Throttle Cartridge, Size 5 / SAE 08

With this new leak-free size 5 / SAE 08 proportional throttle cartridge, Bucher Hydraulics has extended the market range of the size 10 and 16 products, which are already in series production. The persuasive features of this high-performance screw-in cartridge are its low pressure drop at high flow rates, leak-freeness and high functional stability in systems that are susceptible to oscillation. For controlled and responsive movements of large loads, these are the decisive criteria today.

 Series: MVRPSBA...

The proportional throttle cartridge, series "MVRPSBA", is a two-stage, high-performance screw-in cartridge with a ¾-16 UNF mounting thread, suitable for the cavity types AL (to Bucher standards) and C0820 (to ANSI). The low pressure drop at high flow rates, coupled with excellent stability in oscillation-prone systems, marks out this leak-free proportional throttle cartridge. The required flow rate is set as a function of the electrical control current and can be continuously varied. The optimal resolution at low flow rates, combined with pressure-compensator cartridges from our company, enables the very responsive, load-compensated and controlled movement of large loads. This is required in fork lift trucks, for example, to be able to set loads down precisely and pick them up accurately. The exceptionally leak-free shut-off means that a raised load can be held in position for several hours.

Proportional throttle cartridges applied successfully in high volume

For several years, the size 10 and 16 proportional throttle cartridges, which – apart from size and basic parameters – share the same characteristics, have been used in various customer applications. The pleasing conclusions demonstrate that these screw-in cartridges excel in providing reliable operation over the whole pressure and flow range, with high pressure differentials. The first-rate functional stability in oscillation-susceptible systems is another advantage that is also reflected in the new size 5 throttle cartridge.



  • Virtually leak-free in the flow direction
  • De-energised closed
  • 3 sizes in compact designs for cavity types AL, C0820, DH and ER
  • High pressure wet-armature solenoids with rotatable slip-on coil
  • Various plug connections and voltages
  • Can be fitted in a line-mounting body
  • All external parts zinc plated, chromited (CrVI-free)

Your Benefits

  • Optimal, simple and convenient operation, with precise and controlled lifting and lowering movements
  • Simple integration in systems thanks to its high functional stability
  • Operating costs and capital expenditure are reduced thanks to the excellent energy efficiency
  • Long service life without extensive maintenance

Important Features

  • High flow rates with low headloss
  • High functional reliability and extremely stable
  • Reliable operation over the whole pressure and flow range, even with high pressure differentials
  • High stability in systems that are susceptible to oscillation
  • Very good resolution at low flow rates

Technical Data

Nominal Sizes NS5 / SAE 08 NS 10 NS 16
Max. operating pressure 250 bar 250 bar 250 bar 
Max. flow rate 50 l/min  140 l/min 250 l/min 
Nominal flow rate
at Δp 10 bar
20 l/min  55 l/min  140 l/min 
Design  Leak-free, two-stage  Leak-free, two-stage  Leak-free, two-stage 
Mounting cavity AL (Bucher)
C0820 (ANSI)
DH to ISO 7789 ER to ISO 7789 
Mounting thread 3/4-16 UNF  M27 x 2  M33 x 2 
Data sheet reference No. 400-P-605101-EN  400-P-615101-EN  400-P-616101-EN 


  • Lifting and lowering movements on industrial trucks
  • In agricultural machines e.g. with proportional scraper-floor controls in self-loading trailers
  • In all applications where a load-independent function is required, in combination with our in-line or bypass pressure compensators

Example of a Conventional Lifting and Lowering Movement


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