Leak-proof Proportional Flow Control Cartridge,
Size 5

"Unrivalled Lifting Gear Technology" –
Leak-proof seat design offering excellent load holding and lowering characteristics.

 Series: MVRPLSA…

Bucher Hydraulics has launched a new and innovative leak-proof proportional flow control cartridge. Its unique seat design provides a simultaneous closing of the main and the pilot function and allows for combining further functions within one valve. Loads can be held in position over longer periods. The integrated pressure compensator offers a sensitive and load independent lowering function. These unique features are essential for a comfortable and economical movement of loads.





  • Leak-proof in 2 → 1 direction
  • Normally closed
  • Load compensated
  • High pressure wet armature solenoids with rotatable slip-on coil   
  • Various plug systems and voltages available
  • All external parts zinc plated, chromited (CrVI-free)

Your benefits

  • Compact multi-functional cartridge
  • Optimal ease-of-use for sensitive lowering movements
  • High stability enables easy system integration
  • High energy cost-effectivenes reduces capital expenditure
  • Long lasting and durableno maintenance required

Important features

  • Excellent load control properties   
  • Safe operation over the entire pressure and flow range, even with high pressure differentials
  • Excellent stability in systems susceptible to oscillations  
  • High resolution even at low flows
  • Excellent repeatability
  • High functional reliability and stability

Technical Data

Charakteristics  Values, Units 
Max. Operating pressure  250 bar 
Max. flow rate  22 l/min 
Nominal flow rate  20 l/min at Δp 20 bar 
Design  load compensated, leak-proof 
Cavity type  AY to Bucher Standard 
Mounting method  M22x1.5 
Model series  MVRPLSA…
Data sheet reference No.  400-P-625101-EN 


  • Lowering movements for floor conveyors demanding load independence
  • Forklifts, hoisting platforms etc.

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