Areas of Application


Public buildings such as airports, train stations and shopping centres

Transport needs: People and goods


• Unsurpassed ride comfort

• High level of travel performance

• No overheating during peak periods

• Maximum availability

The ideal Bucher Hydraulics solution is the: Eco Line


Privat houses and apartment building

Transport needs: People


• Space-saving design

• Low noise emissions

• Low operating and service costs

• No visible shaft head

The ideal Bucher Hydraulics solutions are the: Comfort Line, Eco Line or the Tiger MRL-System

 Commercial building lift oil barrel

Commercial building

Transport needs: People and goods


• High payload

• Maximum availability

• No overheating

• Robust and reliable

The ideal Bucher Hydraulics solutions are the Comfort Line or the Jupiter tandem car frame range


The tailor-made Bucher Hydraulics solution for modernisation of hydraulic lifts – without having to replace the lift controller.

Within 1 working day you get a new travel experience.

The ideal Bucher Hydraulics solution is the MULTIkit.

Scope of application
 Travel height  [m]  up to 25
 Payload  [kg]  320 - 40 000


  • Offers great creative scope to architects
  • Low maintenance
  • Long service life
  • Flexibility in positioning the machine room
  • Highly reliable
  • Excellent cost / performance ratio



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