Flow Divider With Improved Division Accuracy

Bucher Hydraulics is regarded as the world‘s leading manufacturer in the field of hydraulic flow divider. The newest addition to the product portfolio is a flow-dividing valve with greatly increased division accuracy as well as an extended working range. With this new valve, division accuracy is specified in relation to the supply flow rate and not, as is usual in the market, to the nominal flow rate (see chart).

 Series: MTDA08-032R/13

Another notable feature of the series MTDA08-032R/13 is the standard-supply zinc-nickel coating, with a corrosion-resistance of over 720 hours of salt-spray test.


Volume flow characteristics

Technichal Data

Nominal sizes  
Max. operat. pressure Pmax 250 bar
Nominal flow rate 32 l/min
Delta p with QN 40 bar
Viscosity range 10 - 250 mm2/s
Series MTDA08-032R/13
Order number 100033740


  • Door drives
  • Lifting platforms
  • Work access platforms

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