High safety through non-contact switching point

„Compact, low pressure drop and durable against corrosion – in the limelight the new flow detector from Bucher Hydraulics“

 Series: FD...

Bucher Hydraulics is introducing the new flow detector (series FD...) as a further innovative product to the market.
The series FD... flow detector, nominal size 12, detects a preset flow rate and can be used for various monitoring functions and satisfies the safety requirements of EN ISO 13849. Typically, the flow detector is used for mobile applications in which auxiliary actuators are supplied in parallel from one pressure source. This is required, for example as a monitoring function for steering pumps in mobile machines.


Your advantages

  • Complies with safety requirements of EN ISO 13849
  • Low switchpoint variation when operated at different temperatures
  • Low hysteresis
  • No wear and tear
  • Low headloss

Your benefits

  • Max. switch safety
  • Reliable switchpoint actuation 
  • High safety level for personnel and transported goods
  • Long service life

Important features

  • Working pressure 420 bar, with safety factor of 3
  • Low viscosity dependency
  • Contact free switchpoint
  • Zinc-nickel coating

Technical data

Characteristics Values, Units
Size NS 12
Maximum operating pressure 420 bar
Maximum flow rate 160 l/min
Nominal flow / switching range 0.4...1.5 l/min (Others on request) 
Protection class to EN 60 529 IP 67/69 K 
Mounting method line-mounting
Ref. no. data sheet 300-P-9050093-EN

Application example / Applications

Using the flow detector, a monitoring function for the steering pump in mobile machines can be implemented. The flow (inlet) to the steering pump is detected, and from the driving cabin it can be seen on a display that the steering pump is working. This gives the driver the OK to proceed. 

  • Mobile cranes
  • Steering systems

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