QXV Internal Gear Pumps


Pumps Low-viscosity fluids

The QXV series has been developed for use with low-viscosity fluids. QXV pumps have proven particularly successful in applications for pumping kerosene, automotive fuels, paraffin, brake fluids and many other low-viscosity fluids. When required, a multi-stage pressure build-up can be employed to achieve high pressures of up to 250 bar with a viscosity close to 1 mm2/s, and with high efficiencies at the same time.


  • For open circuits up to 250 bar max. working pressure
  • For low-viscosity fluids from 0.8 mm2/s to 10 mm2/s
  • High temperatures up to 160 °C are possible
  • Available in EX-proof versions EX II 3 G T3 and T4
  • Can be used with variable-speed drives

Technical Data

Type Operating pressure (continuous) up to
Speed max.
QXV2 250 5-16 3600
QXV3 250 10-32 3600
QXV4 250 20-63 3600
QXV5 250 40-125 3000
QXV6 250 20-63 1800
QXV8 250 160-500 1800


  • Test equipment for fuel regulators and commercial aircraft
  • Test benches for diesel injectors
  • Fuel pumps for gas turbines
  • Welding systems
  • Lubricating oil supply for precision spindle bearings
  • Steel works

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