Load Control Valves BBV


Load-control valves in this series prevent hydraulic actuators from running ahead of the available oil supply. In one valve, they combine the functions of load-holding, safety and pipe-rupture protection.


  • Two-stage load-control valve and bypass check valve are functionally combined in one coaxial valve assembly
  • Leak-free load holding
  • The load pressure has very little influence on the pilot pressure required → area ratio 1:66
  • Guaranteed closing force for the load-control assembly → reliable shut-off even with a broken spring
  • Thanks to the various pilot control styles, the valve can always be adapted to the system requirements
  • Hardened, ground and lapped seat valve components ensure permanent leaktightness and long service life
  • Optionally with pilot operated secondary pressure relief valve (only for housing design)

Technical Data

Type Nominal flow rate
Operating pressure, dynamic
Operating pressure, static
Nominal size
BBV 50 420 600 6


BBV 6 (with SV)

BBV 6 C, BBV 6 (without SV)

  • Housing design available with / without pilot operated secondary pressure relief valve (SV)
  • Housing design with SV: SAE 1/2" 6000 psi connection
    Housing design without SV: G 3/8" connection
  • No secondary pressure relief valve possible with cartridge design
  • Cartridge design: M42x1.5


  • Boom systems
  • Stabilizer cylinders
  • Winch drives
  • Presses

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