Excavator Pipe-Rupture Valve CFS


The excavator pipe-rupture valve is used wherever so required by the standards ISO 8643, EN 474 and DIN 24093 for excavators with a liftig device (e.g. a load hook on the bucket). The actuators concemed are the lift cylinder, the stick cylinder and the adjusting cylinder.


  • Fulfils safety requirements in accordance with ISO 8643, EN 474 and DIN 24093
  • Leak-free load holding
  • Compact design → very low weight
  • Satisfies exacting demands on corrosion protection → valve is zinc plated (Cr VI-free)
  • The control assembly is guaranteed to close → it closes even with a broken spring
  • No impact, or only very low impact on the existing hydraulic system → easy to retrofit

Technical Data

Type Port size
Operating pressure up to
Max. flow rate
Mounting method
CFS 16-... ¾" 420 250 flange-mounting
CFS 20-... 1" 420 350 flange-mounting


Simplified symbol


  • Excavators
  • Excavator-loaders 
  • Front loaders 
  • Rear loaders

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