QXEM Internal Gear Units


Highly dynamic variable-speed multi-quadrant applications

The QXEM series is intended for operation as both a pump and a motor. A symmetrical design makes these units specially suitable for highly dynamic variable-speed multi-quadrant operation. In the industrial hydraulics field, they are therefore particularly appropriate for applications with highly cyclical loading. Thanks to the pinion-shaft technology, pressures up to 250 bar are built up in a single-stage. The direction of rotation can also be reversed in milliseconds, while maximum operational reliability is ensured at all times thanks to optimized hydrodynamic lubrication.


  • Open/closed circuits up to 250 bar max. working pressure
  • Low noise levels < 75 dB(A)
  • Specially for highly dynamic multi-quadrant operation
  • Can be used with almost all hydraulic fluids
  • Can be used with fixed- and variable-speed drives

Technical Data

Type Operating pressure (intermittend) up to
Operating pressure (continuous) up to
Speed max. pump
Speed max. motor
QXEM2 250 210 5-8 3250 6000
QXEM3 250 210 10-16 3030 5500
QXEM4 250 210 20-32 2900 5000
QXEM5 250 210 40-63 2500 4500
QXEM6 250 210 80-125 2250 4000
QXEM8 250 210 160-250 1600 3500


  • Injection molding machines
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Waste compactors
  • Pressure die casting machines

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