System Solutions for Crane Controls


Bucher Hydraulics is a very capable partner for electrohydraulic systems. Bucher Hydraulics has many years' experience in the field of crane applications and has continually optimised the systems. The foundation for the optimised system solution is the basic LVS valve, which has been providing outstanding service in a wide variety of applications for many years.


  • Sustained cost reductions and increases in performance ratings
  • Downstream i.e. serviceport pressure compensators for flow sharing during undersupply
  • Integral secondary pressure relief
  • Stable functions
  • Parametrisation optimised for driver
  • Using this system, individual functions and reliable parallel operation can be quickly implemented
  • Terminal for parametrisation and diagnostics
  • Additional functions for stabilisers, or expanded functionality


The components are marked out by their reliability despite variations in temperature, severe mechanical stresses and electromagnetic interference.

  • Proportional directional valve system with On-board Electronics, Two-stage electrohydraulic operation and ON/OFF operation.
  • Joystick
  • Master board
  • Crane terminal


  • Forestry cranes
  • Skidders
  • Forwarders
  • Truck cranes
  • Material Handling

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