Respect Is Earned Every Day

We are excited to have this opportunity to present our company, including the people, products and strategies that make us a global leader.

Bucher Hydraulics develops and manufactures state-of-the-art hydraulic solutions used for a variety of purposes. Our products are highly energy efficient and engineered to last, which provides our customers with outstanding value and sustainability. Dealing fairly with our customers, employees, shareholders and business partners is how we believe we will continue to successfully lead the way into the future. This includes minimizing our environmental impact and continuing to use our natural resources responsibly.
Our success at Bucher Hydraulics is truly a team effort, from our boardroom to the manufacturing floor, and we invite you to learn more about us.

Customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are our number one priorities.

Always striving to be a little 'ahead of the game', we maintain very close contact with our customers, and together we search for targeted solutions. This approach enables us to achieve an almost unrivalled precision in communication and in implementing the various projects.

This results in up-to-the-minute product developments that reflect current trends. Thanks to strategic partnership-thinking and rapid project implementation, we guarantee unmistakable quality at all levels of our cooperation.

One Bucher Hydraulics. Many backgrounds.

Diversity is measured and valued in many ways, and Bucher Hydraulics approaches it from many angles:
With locations in over a dozen countries, we have employees from a wide range of racial, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. We believe that the things that make us different also make us stronger as a company, and bring us closer together as a group. Learning from one another presents opportunities for growth in many ways, and a variety of talents is also a critical element of our diversity.

We employ professionals with well-developed skill sets in a range of interests and applications. This breadth of expertise provides Bucher Hydraulics with an advantage over companies who narrowly specialize in a given area, and are unable to bring new ideas from outside their realm of expertise. On any given day, a Sales Center representative is working with engineers from our Competence Centers halfway around the world to come up with a streamlined solution for our customers.


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