Limiting the Local Pressure in Post-Compensated Valves

written by Gabi Olpp on Monday, November 6, 2017

The way to combine the advantages of pre-compensated load sensing valves with those of post-compensated flow-sharing valves.

HDS24 flexible flow-sharing valve combines the post-compensated function (can continue to work in undersaturation, or under-supply mode) with the LS local pressure limitation, and enables precision movement in a wide range of applications.

Load sensing valves are so well known and so popular because they are the best way to control actuators independently of the load pressure. The technology behind this kind of directional valve developed over time, creating two families, the pre-compensated and the post-compensated valves.

HDS24 – read the complete article:


HDS24 – animation of how it works:

Product Family Sectional Directional Valves, Series HDS



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