New One-Way Street

written by Gabi Olpp on Friday, February 23, 2018

Check valves with 50 percent higher flow rating

Unobtrusive, Long Lasting, Indispensable

Non-return valves, a.k.a check valves, are very small components, usually buried deep inside the machine. They need to be able to withstand the constantly high stresses for as long as possible and must deliver absolutely reliable service. Repairing hard-to-access parts of the system is costly and time-consuming. Reliable check valves that will not fail in service thus directly boost the operational readiness of machines and vehicles. And quality pays big dividends here.

Unobtrusive, Long Lasting, Indispensable
A one-way street

Check valves allow flow in one direction only and prevent return flow in the opposite direction. What sounds so easy – a "one-way street principle" – is actually a sophisticated technology that has been refined again and again over the years.

Marathon champion

Today's user requirements are dominated by comparatives such as smaller, more economical, more powerful. That's why systems integrators and end-users enjoy a distinct advantage when they can incorporate smaller, longer-lasting valves that have a higher performance. This is where the new check valves win out – 50 percent higher flow rating for the same pressure differential! The higher flow rate saves energy and in many cases allows a smaller valve to be used, which in turn means lower costs and a smaller installation space.

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