Smarter Systems Architecture

written by Gabi Olpp on Friday, April 20, 2018

Add value systematically

Merging the technology worlds of hydraulics and automation gives rise to intelligent systems that, thanks to their system design and simplified integration into the overall plant concept, offer the user new and significant advantages. These include process and productivity improvements such as significant energy savings and optimized life-cycle costs.

Valuable support from a single source - from planning to production of your machines and systems

Intelligent architectures in which hydraulics, software, control and Industry 4 networking are required offer new and obvious benefits for the user. Bucher Hydraulics can supply the combined know-how for cross-technology solutions from a single source.

Move more with less energy

Servo-hydraulic axes combine the advantages of an electrical servo drive with those of a robust, powerful and efficient hydraulic transmission. 

By switching to servo-hydraulic axes, users can save up to 70 percent of the energy. At the same time, the system is overload-proof, precise and robust, even under the influence of external forces. One example of an innovation of this type is the direct servo-hydraulic drive for two double-rod cylinders. The bogie test rig is a typical application for a linear drive technology involving control of force, displacement and speed. The drive technology needs to have a sufficiently high power density and be convincingly robust.

Servo-hydraulic axis

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