The Grand Finale of the Hyperloop Contest 2018

written by Gabi Olpp on Friday, July 20, 2018

The Swissloop Team from ETH Zurich will travel to California again this year for the final of the Hyperloop Contest. We are very excited – our temperatures are rising along with those of our team!

On July 22, the best student teams from all over the world will compete at the Hyperloop Pod Competition in Los Angeles. Swissloop, an association of students from ETH Zurich and other Swiss universities, is once again taking part – with a new transport capsule. In the long term, the students want to use the Hyperloop technology to transport goods faster and in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Unlike the reactivated ‘Swissmetro’ project, which aims to create an underground railway for people, the Swissloop pioneers are focusing on freight transport – just as in space travel, where in the beginning satellites and monkeys were sent into space rather than people.


Swissloop 2018

Bucher Hydraulics – Gold Partner in Project Hyperloop

As a Gold Partner, we are supporting the Swissloop team in the development of the braking system. Braking systems ensure the controlled deceleration and safe standstill of the entire system and its movable components. As safety-critical elements, they have to satisfy the very highest requirements. Reliability and durability are of prime importance for the safety and quality of the whole system.



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