Training Start Apprentices 2018 – How to Form an Unbeatable Team!

written by Gabi Olpp on Monday, October 15, 2018

Our start into this new phase of life, or ... how to get a grip of our nerves!

Welcome to the world of work

The first of September – a big day every year for many who start their working life in Germany.
Young adults between the ages of 15 and 17 who opt for a more practice-oriented way of learning, start an apprenticeship.

Bucher Hydraulics offers an apprentice program that promises to make it less nerve-wracking and easier for young adults to transition into the working world. In the end, by providing this program, we develop a strong workforce with highly qualified people.


The first of September, for me, it is the start of a new phase of my life and it can be scary! For me and ten other apprentices, this day marked the beginning of our working future at Bucher Hydraulics in the Erding facility. This year, two business administrators, two technical product designers and seven industrial mechanics began to lay an important foundation stone for their working lives. The team led by human resources professional Julia Meier and lead instructor Georg Hupfer welcomed us very warmly on our first day. And then it got going straight away: new impressions, new people ... and lots of new rules to remember! After all, who wants to embarrass themselves right at the start?

My Journey into the unknown

A fresh start like this is pretty exciting! At the start of training, everything is unfamiliar – the new work colleagues, a new environment, a new routine. Only one thing is certain: in 3 years I want to have my certificate as a business administrator in my pocket!

To make the start easier for us, we're traveling together with the eleven apprentices from Klettgau to the beautiful Allgäu for the next three days. Here, during the induction days, all the new apprentices get to know each other on a more personal level and learn how to understand each other’s personalities which helps develop a tightknit bond right from the start.

A unique atmosphere and many new experiences

When we arrive at the rural study centre (Schullandheim) in Lindenberg, the first item on the agenda is to get to know each other.  This is accomplished during our first challenge which is to master a climbing park as a team. We're a super team. Everyone helps everyone else. So everyone gets to their destination and has great fun! During a paper chase – each station is situated in a room, and we go from room to room – we then get to know all the German locations. Thanks to presentations in small groups, we learn a lot about the training plan and the company. That's quite a lot of information we had fired at us in a few days! All in all, however, we have really grown together as a group and have quickly mastered the transition to everyday working life.

Did you know?

After successful completion of the training, all apprentices at the Erding facility are guaranteed employment at Erding for at least one year. Apprenticeships are a great opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience in the working world.

Bucher Hydraulics currently employs a total of 63 apprentices and students in Germany – more than ever before. Employee training is a key factor in counteracting the shortage of skilled workers.


The Klettgau and Erding facilities are also looking forward to many interesting applications for the start of training in September 2019:

In Erding Julia Meier is looking forward to your application.

In Klettgau Britta Zölle is looking forward to your application.





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