Bucher Hydraulics S.p.A. – a Company of People!

written by Gabi Olpp on Monday, November 19, 2018

Our employees – actors of our success!

Company open house 2018

As in past years, Bucher Hyd. S.p.A. Reggio Emilia dedicated a Sunday to its employees; contributors of its success. At the Company Open House, held on October 7th, we simply wanted to say THANK YOU to every single employee for the hard work and contribution to our success!

Much was offered, not only in terms of cuisine. We all enjoyed this great event with all kinds of excitement for young and old!

Collaborative Spray Art

As a sign of our team spirit, each employee grabbed a spray can and eternalized his or her "tag" on a wall. In the graffiti world, a "tag" is a signature abbreviation representing the name of a writer/sprayer. Our collaborative spray art project "The Wall" we created that day, has dimensions of 3m x 5m and will be divided into five parts. The wall will enhance meeting rooms and lounges of the future building.

After the employees completed the wall during Open House, the wall will be embellished by a professional spray graffiti writer. We are very excited to see the final version!

 Stay tuned – we will present you the final artwork on Social Media.

Writing - A way of life

Graffiti writing began at the end of the 1960s, when young people discovered a new pastime in New York. They wrote their name abbreviations or nicknames on concrete walls, house entrances, underpasses or subway stations, initially using felt pens. In order to remain unrecognized and not to reveal their identity, the young people used so-called “tags”. A tag is a stylized signature, normally done in one color. Writers often tag on or beside their pieces, following the practice of traditional artists who sign their artwork. 

The writers quickly found many imitators. Everywhere in New York the tags were found. Soon painting with felt pens became boring and the first works of art appeared out of the spray can. Different attachments on the spray cans made it possible to achieve different line thicknesses or to spray larger areas. Also the competition became bigger and bigger.

The aim of the writers was to place as many tags as possible in the city. The motto was to achieve fame.

A Band of Bucher employees

Bucher employees got together and entertained all attendees with their music in the afternoon. The band consisted of a bass, two guitars, drums and two choristers. It was a great success. Thank you to all who made this possible!

E' stata una bella giornata: l'azienda era vestita a festa e le persone allegre di condividere con le famiglie il loro spazio quotidiano. Si era creata un'atmosfera gioiosa.

– Lorenza Carretti, Quality Assurance Manager

Quality Assurance Manager Lorenza Carretti: “It was a very special day: the company decorated for the party and people were happy to share their workspace with their families. It created an amazing atmosphere.”

A sign of recognition

As a sign of appreciation the portraits of our employees decorate the corridors of the administration building.



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