Axial Piston Motors AX


The disadvantages of today's hydraulic pumps and motors were analyzed and consistently eliminated without obtaining other disadvantages. It is not an evolutionary improvement of existing technology but a revolutionary new development.

AX pumps and motors offer unique high efficiency (ƞtot 92 - 94 %) in a very wide operating range. High pressures at lowest speed are an important criteria in winch drive applications. As there is no minimum speed limit any more with AX units, they are ideally suited for variable-speed electric drives. Furthermore, valuable battery capacity can be saved in electric driven working machines because of low power losses.


  • 94 % Overall efficiency
  • 99 % Start efficiency
  • No minimum speed limit
  • Low pulsations
  • Low noise level
  • Compact dimensions
  • Low temperature increase

Technical Data

Type Displace­ment
Continuous pressure max.
Peak pressure
Speed max.
AXFM 18…76 450 500 5000

Data sheets on request.


  • Winches and slew drives
  • Projetcs related to electrification and energy recovery
  • Wheel drives and track drives
  • etc.

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