Sustainable AX Pumps and Motors

written by Gabi Olpp on Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Reduce power loss of electrical machines by up to 50% with AX pumps and motors.

AX – Hydraulics for Electric Drives

Electric drives are in great demand because they are free of COemissions and produce less noise. The AX line of pumps and motors developed by Bucher Hydraulics is based on a revolutionary new hydraulics concept and offers great added value for electrified machinery.  

94% Efficiency

High efficiency to save expensive battery capacity.

Battery capacity is expensive. To save battery capacity, the efficiency of electrical machinery must be as high as possible. The efficiency of the new AX pumps and motors is a high 94%, which is 5 to 10% better than the products available on the market up to now. Power dissipation can be reduced by up to 50%, which can be transferred 1:1 to the saving of battery capacity.

Less CO2

The AX line is of high value for electrified machinery.

The AX operates at very low speeds and high loads without wear and tear. Thanks to its high starting efficiency of 99% and a high number of pistons, the AX reduces the «ripple effect» by 80%. This results in very slow, uniform and precise movements, as required by hydraulic motors.

Noise Reduction

AX products are low-noise – ideal for quite electric drives.

In contrast to combustion engines, electric drives are quiet. The hydraulic components they use should also be quiet. The AX line is around 70 decibels.

100% Recyclable

AX products contain no components made of non-ferrous metals.

Moreover, these pumps and motors are made almost exclusively of cast iron and steel and contain no components made of non-ferrous metals. They can be completely and above all easily recycled, which is not the case with comparable conventional pumps and motors.

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