Solutions for Small and Mid-Range Salt/Grit Spreaders


Bucher Hydraulics is a very capable partner for electrohydraulic systems. The SRCA flow control valve for municipal equipment offers load-independent adjustment of the operating speed of motors or cylinders. This valve in combination with a control block solution results in the flexible hydraulic combination for controlling a wide variety of salt spreaders. Furthermore, freely combinable electronic components are available.


  • Intuitive and safe operation of all relevant functions with 4 rotary encoders
  • Clear display with large graphic elements for reliable parameter recognition
  • Standard software includes all typical functions without further software extensions
  • Integrated diagnostic function including fault memory to reduce service costs
  • Very easy installation of operating/control components, even in the smallest cabins
  • USB interface for easy installation of software and parameters
  • Simplified menu-driven weighing
  • Customized front-foil design can be supplied


System overview

Control functions

  • Operation of the spinner plate (current-regulated or speed-controlled)
  • Operation of max. 2 screw conveyors (current-regulated or speed-controlled)
  • Operation of max. 2 brine pumps (one of which is current-regulated or speed-controlled)
  • Control of the spreading rate is travel-speed dependent
  • Spread-pattern adjustment with position feedback
  • Monitoring of spread control, spinner-plate folding, and fill levels
  • Operation of beacons and work lights
  • Control of devices with spray bars and feed rollers


  • Small and Mid-Range Salt/Grit Spreaders

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