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written by Gabi Olpp on Thursday, February 27, 2020

Mobile machines perfectly matched to the job, optimized without compromise.

The demands made of mobile machines are every bit as varied as the range of applications. A wide range of applications with equally varied requirements needs a broad spectrum of functions and wide-ranging application experience.

With the LVS08 and LVS12 series, users have access to new system solutions that are coordinated with one another for configuration within a valve block and thus work in harmony.

Particular functionalities are selected for the respective application and can be expanded at a later date, so machine manufacturers can always install the exact configuration required at that time.

 Selbstfahrende Arbeitsmaschine Mobilkran

Designed for use in slewing gears, the Bucher Hydraulics slewing gear valves ensure absolutely reliable and responsive positioning.

Series LVS valves – you can read the full article here:

More information about LVS08 / LVS12 proportional directional valves

Proportional Directional Valves, Series LVS08 / LVS12



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