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Work With Stability, Travel in Comfort

Exactly 60 years ago, the company ‘Ölhydraulik Altenerding’ began its track record of success with the swing-axle cylinder. The ‘RH’ series took the business, formerly family owned but since 2012 a part of Bucher Hydraulics, to its position of global market leadership. With the ‘DRH’ series, a significantly improved successor now takes the stage. In parallel, the company has introduced the ‘RM’, a solution for the new era of electrically powered machines.


Precise and energy-efficient control of mobile hydraulics  

Proportional flow control valves from Bucher Hydraulics prove themselves in every application. Thanks to different series with a wide range of variants, they can be used in many ways and are characterized by reliability and durability in demanding areas of application. 


Decentralized Hydraulic-Electric Linear Axis

It’s getting serious; climate change is now undeniable. If industry is to continue to make products and provide secure jobs, the efficiency of manufacturing processes must be massively improved. With new system designs based on its AX technology, Bucher Hydraulics is proving how this can be achieved with hydraulics in drive technology.


Overall Efficiency Optimized  

Hydraulics for electrically powered mobile machines


High-Efficiency Pump for Battery-Powered Construction Machines

The newly designed AX from Bucher Hydraulics puts an end to the usual disadvantages of hydraulic pumps


AX: Hydraulic motor 2.0

Hydraulic drives still offer a wealth of potential – they will carry on being indispensable in the future


New AX Piston Pumps and Motors Overcome Limitations of Present-Day Hydraulic Units

Piston pumps and motors have been established in the market for many years, and they are one of the main components, arguably the most important component, in a hydraulic circuit.


Shortcomings exposed

New demands on hydraulic pumps and motors reveal a need for improvement


Proven Principle with New Design

“Bucher Hydraulics launches the new excavator pipe rupture valve CFS-EF… a new safety valve designed to meet the needs of the excavator manufacturers. The flat design allows a perfect installation on lift cylinders without sandwich plate.”


Don't design – configure!

With a revolutionary concept, Bucher Hydraulics and Jetter AG break with traditional development processes and, at unprecedented speed, offer OEMs customized hydraulic systems for slurry tankers


Optimized without compromise

The comprehensive functionality of the LVS valve series from Bucher Hydraulics increases the efficiency of towed and self-propelled machines


Smart and Slim

System solution for drive, control and operation of municipal salt/grit spreaders


Big Potential for Greater Efficiency

By networking the intelligent iValve and CANopen-Lift, Bucher Hydraulics opens up new avenues for the commissioning and service of elevators


Cutting Costs by Downsizing

New QXEHX internal gear pump from Bucher Hydraulics improves the efficiency of injection molding machines and provides opportunities for downsizing the drive train


Save costs and boost productivity

New QXEHX internal gear pump from Bucher Hydraulics supports successful downsizing


Valve Technology for Tip-Top Control

New from Bucher Hydraulics: SC12 proportional directional valve with enhanced control behaviour


High-Performance Field Workers

Combining high speeds with quiet operation, QXM internal gear motors from Bucher Hydraulics deliver impressive performance in seed drills


Smart products smartly produced

Bucher Hydraulics: a high level of automation ensures good productivity and flexibility when manufacturing compact customised subsystems


Pinpoint accuracy in all climates

The LCV valve from Bucher Hydraulics employs CAN actuator to provide outstanding precision and functionality in a wide range of mobile applications


Safely and Reliably Control a Large Flow, and Use It with Precision

“With the size 40 load-control cartridge valve, featuring flow rates up to 1300 l/min and operating pressures up to 350 bar, Bucher Hydraulics takes its proven CINDY technology into a new performance range. Established in the market for decades, the CINDY product range means very low leakage, finger-tip controllability and load-independent cylinder travel behavior.”


Reliability from the modular system

Bucher Hydraulics offers customised cartridgetype directional seat valves featuring monitoring of the operating position


No Matter How Rough the Terrain

High planning certainty and energy efficiency with differential lock valves from Bucher Hydraulics


Add value systematically

With smarter systems architecture, Bucher Hydraulics redefines the term "savings potential"


Limiting the Local Pressure in Post-Compensated Valves

Bucher Hydraulics has found a way to combine the advantages of pre-compensated load sensing valves with those of post-compensated flow-sharing valves. The new HDS24 flexible flow-sharing valve combines the post-compensated function (can continue to work in undersaturation, or under-supply mode) with the LS local pressure limitation, and enables precision movement in a wide range of applications.


UP40 Mini Power Pack

We developed the UP40 mini power pack with the aims of bringing the hydraulic control closer to the drive and achieving a continually more compact envelope. Compared with other products in this market segment, its dimensions have been reduced to a minimum.


Energy Efficiency – Good, or Just Well Intentioned?

More insight into sustainability and environmental impact


Reliable effectiveness

The safe, energy-efficient Bucher Hydraulics QXEH Series to increase the competitive edge 


Dividing flows appropriately

Increased comfort with higher precision flow dividers


Spotlighting whole-life costs

Bucher Hydraulics develops non-return valves with 50 percent higher flow rating for the same pressure differential


Construction Machines: Increased Availability and Energy Efficiency Thanks to Innovative Safety Valves

Bucher Hydraulics offers a wide range of products with high functionality


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