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written by Gabi Olpp on Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Sustainability, C02-reduction and urbanization are the megatrends that will continue to drive the improved efficiency and further electrification of mobile machinery in the coming decades.

We promote networking and interchange on the subject of electrification, we strive for groundbreaking innovations and we already offer ready-to-use solutions for the electrification of mobile machines.

A very remarkable project was completed this summer in Flims Laax, Switzerland. The "Nagens Trail" in Flims Laax was built exclusively with electrically operated machines that were fed 100% with renewable electricity. The following factors were taken into account in this project:

  • A ban on the use of internal combustion engines
  • Electric excavators, electric soil compactors, electric dumpers, electric chain saws
  • All passenger transport, including visits from authorities, officials and project managers, had to be carried out with electrically driven cars or bicycles
  • All batteries were charged with electricity produced sustainably from water or sunlight

 The result is a 4 km long Enduro trail, which was planned and built with flora & fauna in mind.


Three questions to the project leader Claudio Caluori, founder and CEO of Velosolutions

Claudio is 7 times Swiss Champion in Downhill and 4Cross. World Cup Team Manager. Presenter and preview rider at the Downhill World Cup. But he is also a Pumptrack & Trail builder with his company Velosolutions, which has operations worldwide. In the summer he and his company Velosolutions constructed what is probably the world's first mountain bike trail built 100% with electric power.

Claudio, what made you decide to implement this project 100 percent with renewable energy?

It's our goal to have the whole company 100% electric as soon as possible. The construction of the Nagens Trail in Laax was the first opportunity to send a signal that this is really feasible. On the one hand thanks to the presence of the snowmaking equipment along the trail; on the other, due to the small electric excavators, which are already available.

What potential for improvement do you see for manufacturers of electrical construction machinery?

The battery performance, of course, as well as the charging times, but also the handling of the various machines. I think we should take the opportunity to redesign the machines from scratch and not just replace the diesel engine with an electric motor. The advantages of the electric drive should be used to fundamentally rethink the machines.

Perhaps you could briefly describe yourself, your ideals and your visions?

My vision is for mankind to evolve in such a way that we can live in harmony with our planet, so that in 1000 years’ time it will be at least as beautiful for mankind as it is today.

Thank you for this interview, Claudio!

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