Virtual Conference: Safety in Mobile Hydraulics

"Safety in hydraulic systems" and "functional safety" are upcoming topics with more and more importance. We cordially invite you to join our virtual conference around safety topics!

Our specialists will give you insight into load control valves and our philosophy to be on the safe side in this 2-hour presentation. You will gain an understanding of how excavator pipe rupture valves work and when they are needed. A We will also have an expert on functional safety regulations who will go into detail on this topic. We will explain what products and controllers Bucher Hydraulics offers to fulfill different levels of functional safety. 

 Safety standards and directives overview

Date and Time

The conference will be duplicated on two days at various hours – so you can choose which time slot best fits your schedule:

June 23:           16:00 MEZ / 10:00 EDT / 7:00 PDC  - Duration: 2 hours
June 24:           9:00 MEZ / 10:00 TRT / 12:30 IST / 15:00 CST  - Duration: 2 hours


Registration is free!  Reserving a spot is easy and requires only your name, email, company name, and location.


June 23:           16:00 MEZ / 10:00 EDT / 7:00 PDC


June 24:           9:00 MEZ / 10:00 TRT / 12:30 IST / 15:00 CST


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Another reminder will come one hour before the live conference starts.


Agenda and Speakers 

J. Friedrich, Head of Marketing

Safety Valves:
R. Mueller, Head of Sales - Product & Application Manager, Bucher Hydraulics

  • Load Control Valves
  • Excavator Pipe Rupture Valves

Functional Safety:

  • Overview and Norms: V. Kugler, Head of Functional Safety Management, Jetter
  • Products and Controllers: F. Castellan, Product & Marketing Manager, Bucher Hydraulics
    - Slave Controller EBH-08 
    - Safety Features of Directional Control Valves


After each presentation,  we will answer your questions submitted in the questions pane. 

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