Investment in a New, Modern High-Bay Warehouse
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written by Marcel Knobloch on Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Save energy, distance, and time

Bucher Hydraulics built a new fully automated high-bay warehouse on location in the southern Baden community of Klettgau-Grießen. The warehouse is 20-meter-high, and with a base area of 1,140 square meters, it is the size of an Olympic size swimming pool. It is one of the largest investments in the 98-year history of the company.

Ideal space utilization, fast and direct access, safe storage

Bucher Hydraulics Klettgau employees toured the recently completed new high-bay warehouse building. Over two days, small tour groups were guided through the new warehouse. Numerous questions were asked about the goal-oriented project. The employees were impressed and excited about the warehouse.

What is a high-bay warehouse? By definition: a high-bay warehouse refers to storage areas equipped with racking structures at least twelve meters high. Hence, the volume of the warehouse is optimally utilized, and it is accordingly space-saving and efficient. In addition, warehouses of this type usually have fully automated storage systems that allow controlling the goods in the racks with the help of a retrieval machine.

Advantages of a high-bay warehouse

The high-bay warehouse offers the possibility to store vertically instead of horizontally. The space utilization makes the system particularly efficient and space-saving, as most high-bay warehouses are connected to fully automated software and warehouse automation, which are equipped with special materials handling for a variety of products. Additionally, compared to other warehouses, more product diversity is possible, and various pallet types and special load carriers are stored on high racks.

Efficient and eco-friendly

With this project internal logistic distances are saved at Bucher Hydraulics. The new warehouse location is now better integrated into the factory's overall material flow, so that goods can be picked up there directly and stored automatically without forklift traffic. The planned closed, and automatic transport system operates significantly more energy-efficiently than the existing warehouse system. Four fully automated storage and retrieval machines ensure a smooth flow of goods once the warehouse is completed. The 20-meter-high, multi-level racking structures inside will provide space for about 5,000 pallet positions and 42,000 container positions for pallets.

Well-positioned for the future

With this project, Bucher Hydraulics is well positioned for a prosperous future to be successful in the long term - that's why decisions are made with caution and foresight. For one thing, this pertains to the sustainable design and manufacture of products. Still, it also applies to how everyday working life is designed to be as responsible as possible.

The high-bay warehouse in Klettgau is one of the largest investments in the company's history, dating back to 1923. With this system, we are positioned for a continued successful future.

– Jens Kubasch, Managing Director Bucher Hydraulics Germany

Sustainable use of resources

The new warehouse will save energy, distance, and time: according to the principle of material to man, the weight of a human being is no longer moved with the transport system. The new closed, automatic transport system leads to a strongly reduced use of forklifts and keeps the heat in the building. In addition, a photovoltaic system on the roof will produce around 100,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. The new building will be connected to the existing production halls, so that goods can be picked up there directly and stored automatically without forklift traffic. 

The actual warehouse system is currently being installed. The high-tech warehouse is scheduled to go into operation in fall 2022. At the same time, new logistics software will be introduced to control the high-bay warehouse at the site.



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