Customer Service

"Smart Solutions. Superior Support." – The second part of our slogan shows that the best possible support for all customers is our top priority. Our customer service team in the field of elevator hydraulics will be happy to assist you with any concerns you may have.

Spare Parts

New complete spare parts catalog is available!

Bucher Hydraulics offers a wide range of spare parts.
Our clearly laid out complete spare parts catalog is divided into the following product groups:

  • Elevator Valves
    - Lift Control Valve iValve / VF-iValve
    - Lift Control Valve LRV / LRV-PM / VF-LRV
    - Safety Valve DSV-A3
    - Pipe-Rupture Valve RSG
  • Oil-Immersed Power Units
    - Comfort Line
    - Eco Line
  • Cylinders
    - Plunger Cylinder
    - Telescopic Cylinder
    - Pulling Cylinder

Spare Parts Kit iValve, LRV and VF-LRV available!

  • Your spare parts for immediate intervention always at hand
  • Reduced need for second interventions
  • Cost reduction of 25% compared to spare parts ordered separately

Maintenance and Service

New explanatory films about our lift control valve iValve are available!

From checking the leakage to reading out the fault memory – various interventions on the valve are explained by means of video material. These useful explanatory films serve as immediate support for service technicians on site, to make a smooth and efficient service call possible.

Explanatory film iValve – Read out fault memory

iWin & handterminal

Explanatory film iValve – Leakage

Investigate, isolate, locate

Explanatory film iValve – Internal leakage


Explanatory film iValve – Check leckage

Hand pump insert

Explanatory film iValve – Check leckage

Emergency lowering

Explanatory film iValve – Check leckage

Directional valve

Explanatory film iValve – Check leckage

RSVQ piston

Explanatory film iValve – Check leckage

Pilot cartridge

Explanatory film iValve – Checking, cleaning or replacment

Filter pilot valve


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