Massive Savings from Energy Recovery Directly at the Cylinder!

“More flexibility and greater benefits with our CINDY-REG load-control valve” 

 Series: CINDY-REG

With the CINDY-REG load-control valve, we offer the perfect solution for saving energy right at the cylinder. The safety valve with the smart regeneration concept makes it possible to reuse a part of the oil flow, which is fed directly into the opposite end of the cylinder. During lowering operations on mobile machines the pump output flow can be significantly reduced, which is important for saving energy. The unused oil goes directly to tank.

Depending on the system, there is the possibility that the pump output flow that has been saved can then be used for other functions. In addition to the main elements, such as the zero-leakage control assembly and the fast-acting, directly operated pressure relief function, the safety valve includes an integral balance valve for tandem applications. In the event of a pipe- or hose-rupture, the CINDY-REG prevents uncontrolled lowering of the actuator, in accordance with the standards ISO 8643 and EN 474.



The clinching factor

Low pressure drop (Δp A → B) when lifting the load

Your benefits

  • Lower energy consumption - up to 25 percent less
  • Lower costs thanks to significant fuel savings
  • Improved efficiency, i.e. higher cycle rate
  • Comprehensive safety
  • Maintenance-free
  • Economic whole-life cost (Total Cost of Ownership)

Your advantages

  • No energy is used to lower the load
  • Leak-free load-holding function
  • Fulfils the safety requirements of ISO 8643 and EN 474
  • High functional safety: the closing function is assisted by the load pressure
  • Compact construction
  • Long service life thanks to hardened and ground seat-valve components
  • Virtually independent of load pressure

Important features

  • Valve opening action is pilot-operated
  • Directly operated, fast-acting secondary pressure relief
  •  Integral air-bleeding of the pilot circuit
  •  Pilot ratio 1:113
  •  Load-control valve, check valve, and pipe-rupture valve are functionally combined in one coaxial valve assembly
  •  Unaffected by return-line pressure
  •  No dynamic seals in the control assembly

Technical data

Main characteristics Values, units
Nominal size NS20
Max. working pressure 420 bar
Max. flow rate 400 l/min
Flow direction A  → B free flow
B  → A controlled flow 
Design  Proportional pilot-operated seat valve with patented make-up and recuperation concept
Mounting method Flange-mounting, SAE 1" (6000 PSI)


  • Excavator
  • Material Handler
  • Mobile Crane
  • Telehandler

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