Hydraulic Lifts Are Energy Efficient and Future-oriented

Here you can find out why the use of hydraulic lifts are an excellent proposition.

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 Hydraulic lifts are energy efficient and future-oriented - facts, arguments and explanations

What are the advantages of Hydraulic lifts?

Too many people do not know the answer. That''s why we pulled together our most important arguments.


  • Noise source can be placed in the machine room far away from the shaft (e.g. in the basement floor)

Design and space

  • A great deal of design freedom for architects
  • No constraints on doorways or the shape of the car
  • Smaller space requirement
  • Flexible machine room location 


  • Emergency evacuation procedures are very simple and completely safe
  • Secure use in earthquake zones
  • Safety during service and repair work, since there is no moving counterweight

Maintenance and service

    • Low-maintenance drive technology
    • No wear on pulleys and ropes
    • Replacement parts are seldom needed
    • Free choice of maintenance companies
    • Drive is easy accessible 


  • Simple and economical assembly
  • Hydraulic elevators are particularly suitable for projects where retrofitting is involved


    • For buildings with up to five floors, the cost effectiveness of hydraulic elevators is virtually unbeatable

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