Boom Cylinders

Boom cylinders are used for moving the boom and stick. These cylinders are the largest in our product range. They are up to 3500 mm in length when extended and weigh almost 600 kg.

  • Very reliable anti-leakage features
  • Consistent, temperature-independent, material-friendly damping
  • Visually appealing and robust construction
  • For use under the harshest conditions
  • Low-temperature service
  • Long bearing life
  • Good cost-effectiveness for the customer
  • Heavy-duty design with smooth radius transitions
  • Can be used for high bearing load
Piston diameter
Rod diameter
Stroke length
Operating pressure
Port sizes
100…200 130 2000 400 unrestricted

The above details are guideline values taken from previously developed products. If your requirements do not fit into this framework, we will find the best solution for your application.

  • Double-acting cylinder
  • With optional version for low-temperature service
  • Optional cushioning at both ends
  • Rod options: induction hardened and hard-chrome-plated to size or nickel-chrome plated
  • Model with spherical bearings or bushings as required
  • Excavators
  • Material handlers