Jupiter the car frames

Our tandem car frames (1:1 or 2:1 sling) are specifically designed for goods elevators with load capacities up to 9000 kg (cf. EN 81-Tab. 1.1).

The 2:1 systems are delivered with car frame, base elements with buffers, guide rails, rail brackets, cylinder pillars, cylinder clamps, diverter pulleys, suspension ropes and governor set.



  • Simple construction
  • Planning support with project specific drawings in dxf/dwg format
  • Easy, rapid installation
  • Easy access to main components
  • Excellent stability under heavy loading conditions
  • Suitable for fork lift


  • 1:1 System: BT1-40, BT1-50, BT1-60, BT1-75, BT1-90, BT1-150, BT1-170
  • 2:1 System: BT2-40, BT2-50, BT2-60, BT2-75, BT2-90, BT2-120, BT2-170
  • Diagonal or in-line ram arrangement
Various options available upon request

Technical Data

 Total Load*  [kg]  up to 16 800
 Distance between guide rails   [mm]  2700, 3000, 3200, 3500
 Car depth  [mm]  up to 8000
 Travel height  [m]  up to 25

* Total load = related load + cabin weight + frame weight



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