MRL-System Tiger MK-II

Machine room less installation, the system for minimal shaft dimensions.



  • Free choice of car and controller
  • Minimum shaft pit is 300 mm
  • Minimum shaft head is 2600 mm
  • Maximum car floor area thanks to optimum utilisation of the shaft cross-section
  • Proven hydraulic drive with the electronically controlled lift valve iValve
  • For the discerning application, also available with frequency control (reduced noise emission combined with high travel performance – and without oil cooling)


  • TG2-15, TG2-25
Various options available - please contact us

Technical data

 Payload  [kg]  up to 1000
 Speed  [m/s]  up to 1
 Travel height   [m]  up to 20
 Shaft pit [mm] min. 300
 Shaft head [mm] min. 2600
 Wall distance [mm] min. 260




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