Load Control Valves CINDY


Load control valves of this type prevent a hydraulic actuator from running ahead of, or "over-running", the available oil supply. They simultaneously act as a load-holding-, safety- and pipe-rupture valve. Leak-free load control valves are especially suitable for high pressure applications up to 420 bar with a safety factor of 3.


  • The three functions: load control valve, safety valve and pipe-rupture protection are all integrated in one assembly
  • Load pressure acts in the closing direction; valve closes even with broken spring
  • Leak-free valve seats; heat-treated, ground and lapped
  • More reliable operation over the whole pressure and flow range
  • Very good reproducibility
  • Special oscillation damping
  • Model with automatic overload compensation
  • Valve opening is independent of load pressure

Technical Data

Type Nominal size
Volume flow rate
Operating pressure
Secondary pressure, max.
Opening pressure
Cindy 12 / 16 / 20 / 25 / 40 20… 1200 * 420 400 ≥ 6 (optional 3)

* Higher volume flow rates, please consult BUCHER



  • Body-mounted valve with threaded or SAE flanged ports
  • Multi-block valve
  • Cartridge valve 
  • Motor valve for direct motor-mounting
  • Body-mounted valve with integral secondary pressure relief valve
  • With proportional control


  • Mobile, port, and ship cranes  
  • Aerial work platforms 
  • Fire-fighting turntable ladders  
  • Drilling rigs 
  • Underground and tunnel boring machines 
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Winches