Smart electrohydraulics combine the durability of classic hydraulics with the energy efficiency of electric components: Where classic hydraulic drive and control solutions for mobile machines are often not designed for efficiency but primarily for initial costs, machine manufacturers, however, focus too much on traction drives and too little on existing hydraulics in terms of electrification.

Electrohydraulics offers robust as well as sustainable solutions of both worlds. Reduced noise emissions, greater ranges and longer operating times are just some of the benefits that can be achieved by matching the system components.

HELAX - The Smart Solution for Lifting and Lowering Loads

The hydraulic-electric linear axis with AX technology (HELAX) offers enormous energy savings compared to the classic load-sensing hydraulics. When heavy loads are lowered, electrical energy is produced and fed back into the battery.

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Smart PowerPacks

Smart PowerPack "L" - The eh-PTO Solution
The Smart PowerPack "L" is a modular system for the power range of 15 - 60 kW and voltages above 400 VDC. In addition to power electronics in various sizes, the modular system also includes several pump series from Bucher Hydraulics, offering great flexibility to meet a wide range of applications. Options also include a closed cooling system for the power electronics.

Increased Efficiency With Coordinated System Architecture

Bucher Hydraulics supports you with new, electrohydraulic systems architectures, which are ideally matched to the technical and economic criteria.

Optimum system analysis due to:

  • Recording the current state, including the economic and technical requirements
  • Accurate analysis and precise evaluation thanks to specially developed design software
  • Best-fit approach for your machine

Comprehensive range of services:

  • The optimization potential is checked directly on your machine using a functional model
  • Partnered commissioning
  • Support for series produciton start-up after prototype release
  • On-time, flawless delivery of your harmonized system solution

Power-on-Demand System Solutions

Energy efficiency, noise emission, performance improvement and total operating costs depend largely on the system architecture and the components used. Bucher Hydraulics has various Power-on-Demand systems architectures such as Flow-on-Demand, Negative Flow Control or Negative Bypass Control.

Flow-On-Demand - The Outstanding Solution for Closed-Center Valves

Advantages of Flow-on-Demand solutions:

  • The most efficient Power-on-Demand technology
  • Pump standstill at machine is idling
  • Rapid acceleration and precise load control without oscillations
  • Lower heat loss means reduced cooling expenditure
  • Very low noise emissions
Negative Bypass Control - The Versatile Solution for Closed-Center Valves

Advantages of Negative Bypass Control solutions:

  • Very low speeds when machine is idling
  • Wide range of components
  • Steering and mechanical control support
  • Lower heat loss means reduced cooling expenditure
  • Low noise emissions
Negative Flow Control - The Sensible Solution for Open-Center Valves

Advantages of Negative Flow Control solutions:

  • Low speeds when machine is idling
  • Wide range of components
  • Steering and mechanical control support
  • Lower heat loss means reduced cooling expenditure
  • Low noise emissions