At Bucher Hydraulics, we not only ensure the safety of our employees at each of our facilities, but also the safety of the users of our products. Our products are thoroughly tested in state-of-the-art labs to ensure reliability and performance. We are so well known for our proven product safety that many of our products are backups for other systems in the event of a failure.

Quality Management Standards

High quality standards from initial development through to flexible series production in accordance with ISO 9001

Quality is the top priority in all our processes at Bucher Hydraulics. At all our locations, not only do we ensure that we work in accordance with ISO 9001 standards, but we have also received several awards for our more exacting quality requirements. Regular audits and checks guarantee our customers the highest standards and high-quality products.

Excellence Is More Than a Goal. It's a Promise.

Excellence Is More Than a Goal. It's a Promise.
Environmental issues, health and safety at work in accordance with ISO 14001

A company’s excellence becomes apparent wherever sales success is not only ostensibly a determining factor. Bucher Hydraulics avow themselves to environmentally conscious production methods and are committed to complying with standard guidelines. Amongst other things this entails reducing raw material, operating supply item and water consumption, handling hazardous substances in an ecologically acceptable manner, using energy efficiently, minimising emissions and wastage as well as exercising precautionary measures taken by their emergency management team to prevent hazards and accidents. Bucher Hydraulics’ goal is to improve continuously all the process and performance issues involved in their environmental management system.

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