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Custom solutions are often based on new developments and require close cooperation between the development department and the customer. This calls for direct contact between the customer and the Competence Center.

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PistenBully Example: Expert Hydraulics

The red snow groomers from Kässbohrer are a familiar sight in ski resorts. Under the hood are nine of our LCV series valves.

Our proportional, ultra-responsive hydraulic control system in the PistenBully implements the driver's commands quickly and accurately, no matter how heavy the load of snow in front of the plow blade. Development covered the entire hydraulic system, consisting of a 12-way plow blade, rear cutter, winch and fan control.

Drivers and service technicians set the requirements for the development of this new subsystem. The PistenBully 600 shows just what it is capable of in very demanding, extreme weather conditions.