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Founded in 1974
Approximately 15 employees
Production area 2 089


We sell the entire product range and are experts in project management, technical support, sales administration, purchasing, assembly of components, and logistics.

Rixheim is the headquarters for Bucher Hydraulics D-line products – a series of products that can be used flexibly, have few variations, and therefore offer an excellent price/quality ratio.

In addition, we configure customer-specific blocks using products from the entire Bucher Hydraulics portfolio for France.

Our customers are primarily original equipment manufacturers for mobile applications.


Our team is composed of 15 employees, 4 of whom are field sales representatives.

We distribute products in France and to European countries where there is no branch office.


There are currently no job vacancies.

How to find us

We are based near Mulhouse train station (3 km). Basel Mulhouse airport is around 15 minutes away (20 km).

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Your contact for Human Resources inquiries

Please contact Ms Régine Vogtensberger.

Bucher Hydraulics SAS
50 rue de l'île Napoléon
68170 Rixheim, France
+33(0)3 89 64 22 44