15.02.2023 | The company was founded in 1923 by Johann Bucher in the tranquil town of Griessen, where Bucher Hydraulics is still headquartered today. Even back then, the company had a connection to the Swiss company Bucher, which has since become the Bucher Industries group. 

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Interactive Timeline

Explore our historical timeline on this interactive map. You can zoom in and set filters to view each site's historical milestones and see when they joined Bucher Hydraulics.

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Anecdotes and stories

We have compiled surprising stories and interesting background information from the early days of Bucher Hydraulics Klettgau and shared them as short stories on our social media channels. Here you can see the entire content compiled as a short film.


Bucher Hydraulics celebrated its anniversary at its various locations with fabulous events for employees. 

At the sites in Griessen/Klettgau (DE), Erding (DE), and Frutigen (CH), we also organized Open Days, inviting local residents to take a glimpse behind the scenes.

Impressions from the celebration in Klettgau
Impressions from the celebration in Reggio Emilia
Impressions from the celebration in Suzhou