All About our Grand Rapids and Newaygo Facilites

Founded in 1856
Approximately 300 employees
Production area 115 000 ft²
80 employees employed longer than 10 years

The Two Facilities

Grand Rapids and Newaygo, located in Michigan, are competence centers that employ nearly 300 employees. Our Grand Rapids facility is 115 000 ft2 and produces power packs, open center sectional control valves, and loose (stand-alone) hydraulic gear pumps. Our Newaygo facility is 110 000 ft2.

We make fixed clearance and pressure-balanced pumps, hand pump assemblies, gear-type flow dividers, open center sectional control valves, manifolds, bases, and Dyna-Lift systems. In addition, we have over 80 CNC machines, three grinding centers, in-house thermal deburring, lathe centers for parts turning, assembly and test of gear products, assembly and test of DL systems, and assembly and test of open center sectional control valves.


The Bucher Hydraulics North American product line originated in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1856 as The Joseph Jackoboice Company. During this period, Grand Rapids was the world’s furniture manufacturing capital, and local manufacturers utilized sawmill machinery and small engines produced by The Joseph Jackoboice Company.

With operations outgrowing the facility in Grand Rapids, in 1996, Monarch Hydraulics opened a manufacturing facility in Newaygo, Michigan, to support the machining and assembly of PowerPack related components.

By 2007 Monarch Hydraulics had become a leader in self-contained hydraulic power pack systems utilized in a wide range of markets, including snowplows, lift gates, aerial work platforms, dump beds, and many other applications. In December 2007, Bucher Hydraulics announced the acquisition of Monarch Hydraulics.


We are proud that our employees enjoy working at Bucher, and it shows by the number of employees who have been working with us long-term:

  • 25+ years: 39
  • 20+ years: 5
  • 15+ years: 4
  • 10+ years: 32
  • 5+ years : 78

Our employees strive to design and produce safe, high-performance, and reliable products. They enjoy being part of a company that has a global footprint and a comprehensive product portfolio. This allows Bucher Hydraulics to supply total system solutions for customers primarily utilizing our products.

Michigan is well known for experiencing the best and worst of all four seasons of the year. Bucher Hydraulics employees have shown to make the best of all these weather conditions by having a wide range of outdoor hobbies, including snowmobiling, hunting, biking, horseback riding, and playing many outdoor sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey, and golf. In addition, the three Bucher North America facilities are within a one-hour drive of the Great Lakes, which boast 21% of the world’s supply of surface fresh water. Our employees greatly use this natural resource spending much of their time at the beach, cross-country skiing, fishing, hiking, boating, ice fishing, and sailing.

How to Reach Us

Grand Rapids is approximately 45 square miles and is the second-largest city in Michigan. It is 30 miles east of Lake Michigan, located in West Michigan. 

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Newaygo is a quaint rural community and is 35 miles outside of Grand Rapids. It is known for its outdoor activities, with 250+ lakes, two rivers, and hundreds of miles of trails for hiking and off-highway motorcycles and vehicles. 

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