Within Bucher Hydraulics, we specialize in a specifically tailored product portfolio. Dachau puts its focus on developing and producing flow-preventing valves. In addition to Dachau, we represent three other locations throughout Germany: Klettgau, Erding, and Remscheid.

What Defines Us as an Employer

Admittedly, we are a small employer with 20 employees. However, long-term career planning is very important to us and vital for our strategic orientation. Therefore despite the small location size, we offer secure employment, and in terms of career planning, we can plan and implement our employees’ next professional steps. Furthermore, we are embedded in the division and closely linked to the headquarters in Klettgau; we can offer advanced training across locations which is a win-win situation for you and us.

We offer our employees flexible work hours – no fixed and rigid models, but tailored to the employee's needs and the company's demands. The decision paths are concise due to the company's size, and employees will always find a sympathetic ear from their superiors for their concerns. Our management guidelines, binding for all German locations, support and accompany our managers in their daily work and dealings with our workforce.

Our Core Competences

Industrial hydraulics

We develop and produce hydraulic components for mechanical and plant engineering. For decades, and in many demanding applications, our flow-preventing valves with high flow volume and low-pressure losses have proven to be reliable.

Besides our standard products, we have specialized in developing technically sophisticated and application-specific solutions.

Our Customers

Our customers are in diverse sectors: agricultural engineering (self-propelled and towed machines), municipal vehicles and systems, construction equipment, forestry machines, off-shore, shipbuilding, and industrial, e.g., hydraulic press, die casting, or injection molding machines.


  • a harvester cuts, threshes, and cleans grains in a field
  • a sweeper cleans a road
  • an asphalt finisher paves a road 

there is a high probability that several of our components are in action.

Contact details

Do you have questions about vacancies or your opportunities as an employee at Bucher Hydraulics Dachau? Please email us at: application@bucherhydraulics.com – we look forward to your message and will answer your questions.