Each location specializes in a specifically tailored product portfolio. For example, in Klettgau, we develop and produce directional control valves, flow control valves, and internal gear units. In addition to Klettgau, Bucher has three other locations throughout Germany: Dachau, Erding and Remscheid.

Working at Bucher Hydraulics in Klettgau

Are you interested in a professional or management position or a cross-functional task? Then take your next career step with us as your future employer – whether in a technical, administration, or production area. We offer versatile and exciting positions, and not every day follows a fixed schedule.

Founded in 1923
Approximately 500 employees
Production area 20 000
More than 200 employees employed for more than 10 years
Approximately 30 apprentices

Our Core Competences

Mobile hydraulics

As a supplier to the world’s leading manufacturers of mobile machinery, Bucher Hydraulics has extensive expertise in pumps, directional control valves, flow control valves, differential lock valves, and electronic control systems.

This in-depth, specialist knowledge and modern manufacturing capabilities create the ideal conditions for fulfilling customers‘ exacting requirements.

Industrial hydraulics

We develop and produce hydraulic components and systems for mechanical and plant engineering. For decades, and in many demanding applications, our internal gear pumps and motors have proven highly reliable for pressures up to 400 bar.

We specialize in applications with technically sophisticated solutions which meet the highest requirements and quality standards.

Hydraulic system solutions

Increase power density, reduce energy consumption, increase production output, and meet Industry 4.0. These are the demands of modern hydraulic system solutions. Our sales team provides full support to customers in their decision-making process. Our application specialists have in-depth knowledge of the specific system solutions, and our development engineers have extensive technical product knowledge. Each one plays a vital role in helping our customers achieve their goals.

Our Customers

Our customers are in diverse sectors: agricultural engineering (self-propelled and towed machines), municipal vehicles and systems, construction equipment, forestry machines, offshore, shipbuilding, and industrial e.g., hydraulic press, die casting, or injection molding machines.


  • a harvester cuts, threshes, and cleans grains in a field
  • a sweeper cleans a road
  • an asphalt finisher paves a road 

there is a high probability that several of our components are in action.

“Thanks to new challenges, I can continuously develop myself.”

Contact Details

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