All about the location

Our capability is to locally produce hydraulic blocks, manufacture complete power units, assemble, and evaluate valves and other components.

A compact facility, complete with machining, welding, painting, assembly, and test capabilities. The other Bucher Hydraulics products that we have access to make our products superior in performance.

Year established 1996
Since 2013 a part of Bucher Hydraulics
Production area 2 200
Approximately 27 employees

The facility encompasses a 2 200 square meter area with all manufacturing, engineering, sales, logistics, administrative, and financial functions in place. The company is fully integrated into Bucher Group’s ERP system and is ISO 9001 certified.

We offer an attractive and dynamic working environment to develop, learn, and grow with the business. The people at Bucher Hydraulic have more than 100 years of experience and have a start-up mentality.

We offer our employees great opportunities to come up with innovative solutions using modern technologies. As a small facility, we are challenged to do more and perform better. Our journey is only at the beginning, and we believe that what brings us here is not necessarily what will drive our future. 

As an employer, Bucher Hidráulica wants to create individual and collective opportunities for people. We work as a team, commit to achieving results, and do not forget to be fair. We live a culture of operational excellence, celebrate success, and learn from what happens along the journey.

How to reach us

Bucher Hidráulica Ltda. is in Canoas city, neighboring Porto Alegre city. Canoas is the 3rd biggest city in the State of Rio Grande do Sul (RS). Porto Alegre is the biggest city as well as the state capital. Our federal state Rio Grande do Sul is bordering Santa Catarina in Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina.

We are easily accessible by public transportation. There is a train station located close by (São Luis Station) and a bus line that passes in front of our location 3 times a day.

Contact details

Bucher Hidráulica Ltda.
Rua Berto Círio, 1420 – Bairro São Luis
CEP 92420-030   CANOAS – RS – BRASIL
T +55 51 3361 3512