Spare Parts

New complete spare parts catalog is available!

Bucher Hydraulics offers a wide range of spare parts.
Our clearly laid out complete spare parts catalog is divided into the following product groups:

Elevator Valves
  • Lift Control Valve iValve / VF-iValve
  • Lift Control Valve LRV / LRV-PM / VF-LRV
  • Safety Valve DSV-A3
  • Pipe-Rupture Valve RSG
Oil-Immersed Power Units
  • Comfort Line
  • Eco Line
  • Plunger Cylinder
  • Telescopic Cylinder
  • Pulling Cylinder

Spare Parts Kit iValve, LRV and VF-LRV available!

  • Your spare parts for immediate intervention always at hand
  • Reduced need for second interventions
  • Cost reduction of 25% compared to spare parts ordered separately

Maintenance and Service

New explanatory films about our lift control valve iValve are available!

From checking the leakage to reading out the fault memory – various interventions on the valve are explained by means of video material. These useful explanatory films serve as immediate support for service technicians on site, to make a smooth and efficient service call possible.

Explanatory film iValve – Read out fault memory

iWin & handterminal

Explanatory film iValve – Leakage

Investigate, isolate, locate

Explanatory film iValve – Internal leakage


Explanatory film iValve – Check leckage

Hand pump insert

Explanatory film iValve – Check leckage

Emergency lowering

Explanatory film iValve – Check leckage

Directional valve

Explanatory film iValve – Check leckage

RSVQ piston

Explanatory film iValve – Check leckage

Pilot cartridge

Explanatory film iValve – Checking, cleaning or replacment

Filter pilot valve